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We started Best Garden Buildings UK in order to create a high traffic review blog that will attract a dedicated audience of people wanting to improve their gardens. is an ideal blog for promoting products, events and activities of interest to this market. This is a family friendly site, committed to providing high quality information and products for our readers. As such, our audience expect us to inform them about quality products.

How We Can Help You

We can help you get your marketing message to our readers in the following ways:

Product Reviews : We publish well written, honest and personal reviews. If we feel we cannot provide a positive review for your product, event or activity we will let you know and stop publication.

Giveaways and competitions:  We can promote your product by offering a giveaway or creating a competition for which your product can be the prize. In association with this we can require our customers to visit your website or watch a video in order to find the right answer.

Sponsorship: You can sponsor an area or topic of our website. This can include ‘Thank you mentions’ and/or “sponsored by… with logo and links” on related posts. You can also create your own awards for promotions – e.g.  If you summer houses furniture you could sponsor a ‘best designed summerhouse interior’.

Facebook and Twitter Mentions and links:  Every post is put on our facebook page and a message is tweeted about it. So you get a much wider coverage than the website alone.

Ad placement: We can place your ad on individual posts or on a variety or all of our pages. Costs will vary depending upon what you want and where on the page you want your ad to appear.

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