Billyoh Village Hall Log Cabin Review

Billoh Village Hall Log Cabin Review

For our latest review, we’re taking a rather excited look at the stunning Billyoh Village Hall Log Cabin . Billyoh have revolutionised the log cabin market in the last few years, not only producing some fantastic designs, but also innovating how log cabins are sold. Just like with a car, there’s a basic specification and then a whole host of options and extras you can choose from, such as a choice of sizes to options for window design, roof covering and timber colour.

Ultimate space

The Billyoh Village Hall is a very large garden building. The smallest model is 4.0m deep  x 4.5m wide whilst the largest is 4.0m deep x 5.5m wide. This gives you between 18 and 22 sq meters of space at your disposal. It’s also a whopping 3.3 m (11ft) high at the apex. With this amount of height and space, the options for what you can do with the log cabin are almost limitless. Just take a look at the images below to give you an idea.

village-hall-zonesReal Versatility

Whether you are wanting a man cave, a creative workshop, somewhere to get the teenagers away from under your feet or even a gym, there’s ample space.

In fact, there’s so much space available, especially on the larger model, that it would be very easy to create different zones for different uses. The choice is yours.

Robust Construction

The Billyoh Village Hall is a seriously well constructed building.The walls are built from high-quality, robust, 44mm tongue and grooved, treated timber which is made to last. The superior 44mm thickness is also very good for keeping out the cold and drafts, making sure that you can use the Village Hall Log Cabin throughout the entire year. At 19mm, the tongue and grooved roof is also a sturdy thickness and a good insulator.

Choices, choices

Before you decide on which of the options and extras you want, it helps to have an idea about what you want to use the cabin for. Here we’ve put them into two categories: those we think you should always purchase and those you may or may not want depending on what you want to do with the cabin.

Options you should choose

There are three options which we think you should choose to purchase with the Billyoh Village Hall and here we’ll explain what they are and why you ought to choose them.

Flooring – the Village Hall, like many log cabins, doesn’t come with a floor as standard, only the floorboard bearers. If you wish to opt for the high intensity 19mm tongue and groove flooring it will cost you up to £330 extra, depending on the size of the cabin you choose. You can always opt to buy your own flooring and install that – but for ease, at least you know that the floor you purchase with the log cabin will arrive at the same time, be cut to size and will be strong enough for high intensity usage.

Roof Covering – similarly, the roof covering is optional. The basic model comes just with the wooden roof and no covering, however, there are options for either a simple felt roof or the better quality felt shingles, which look like roof tiles. The latter can be purchased in a range of colours.

The shingles cost £270 for the largest model, but they do make the building look quite spectacular and if you are having something this amazing in your garden you want it looking it’s best. They’ll also give the best protection from the elements and massively increase the longevity of your log cabin. What you can’t do is leave the wood roof to the elements, it needs a cover of some sort whether you buy it here or put your own on.

Double Glazing – the standard specification is for single glazed windows and whilst these are fine for general usage, you need to consider whether you will want to use the building during the colder months. If you do, then we strongly recommend the toughened glass double glazing option, simply because it will substantially keep out the cold and make the log cabin somewhere that can be heated up quickly and retain the heat. It’ll also keep the noise down if the kids decide they want somewhere for their band to practice! Whilst it is the most expensive add on at £480, it will cut down on any heating bills, helping to pay for itself over time.

In total, these options will increase the basic price by just over £1000. However, we think they are pretty much essentials rather than options and are worth the investment in you want to make the most of the Billyoh Village Hall.

Other Options

The other options are more about style and appearance and so the choice is down to you.

One of these is for the style of windows – you can choose either Georgian or plain glass windows and there is no additional cost for either option, Another option is that of the colour of the building (this includes the trim and the walls of the building.) These are available in different coloured tints or in varnish if you prefer a natural look. You can opt not to purchase at all and buy your own. The trim costs £12 and the tint up to £60. The premium varnish is £80.

All in all, if you choose the biggest model and then all the extras, your total price will be £3906. The smallest of the three models comes in at £3534.


So what do you get for your £3906?  Well. actually, you get an awful lot for your money. There are plenty of other models on the market which would cost you more that twice this amount for a less attractive, smaller log cabin.

The building itself is stunning to look at and in particular we find the dormer front a real centrepiece. Then there is the enormous amount of light that comes in from the double doors, four front and four side windows, making this an incredibly light and airy space to be in and rather grand to look at  day or night.

Overall Opinion

With the largest, highest spec model costing less than £4000, the Billyoh Village Hall really is a premium log cabin at an unbelievable price. You are getting a well built, highly attractive and substantial outdoor building that will give you and your family that extra space you’ve always wanted and with the potential to use it for almost any purpose. Stylish inside and out, it will certainly be a major feature of your garden and will no doubt add to the overall value of your property.

Additional Info

You will need to construct the building yourself or have someone build it for you, but detailed plans are provided and can be downloaded from the Redshed (see link below).

For lots more information or to buy, please visit Garden Buildings Direct





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