Log Cabin Review: Norland Guisborough

Norland Log Cabin ReviewOur latest log cabin review looks at the the Norland Guisborough from Simply Log Cabins. What immediately drew our attention to the Norland Guisborough is that you get a lot for what you pay for: not only do you get a cabin, but you also get a veranda complete with decking and a fence included in the price –  and at a reasonable price too.

Whilst not the largest log cabin on the market,  the internal space is still a reasonable size for the average garden at 2.4m wide and 3.7m in length, giving a total area just short of 9 square metres. This makes it ideal for a a range of uses including, summer house, small office, workspace, playroom or even single summer guestroom.

Log Cabin Review NorlandThe large windows, which almost reach to the ground, and glass door make the internal space feel bright and open, This feeling is enhanced by the pitched roof which, at almost 2.5m (over  8 ft) at the apex, adds extra airiness to the room. We would certainly recommend that internally you either keep the pale wood colour or painted it with light coloured paint to make the most of this feature.

As can be seen in the picture, the Norland Gainsborough comes with flooring as standard. This is made from 2cm thick floorboards, the same thickness of the roof. The thickness of the walls is 2.8 cm though there is an option to upgrade to a more sturdier 44mm which would set you back an extra £760.

The glass, of which there is plenty, is toughened, which is good news if you have children playing in the garden or in the house itself. The windows and door, which are all handcrafted, are fitted with a draft seal system to keep out the wind, however, perhaps the one downside to the cabin is that double glazing does not come as standard, though it is available as an option. If you were wanting to use this cabin as a guest room for the colder parts of the year or for working in over the winter we would recommend that  you purchase both the 48mm walls and the double glazing – if you had other uses in mind, then there would not really be the need for the extra expense.

Externally,the Norland Guisborough would make an ideal feature to anyone’s garden. The combination of the cabin and the fenced veranda is attactive, not only in the sense that it looks good, but also in the sense that when you see it it attracts you. It’s an inviting piece of  garden architecture. The veranda, (with it’s 2.5cm pressure treated decking) and American style fence are large enough to put a small table and a few chairs around or a couple of recliners. One can easily imagine sitting there  after work, sipping a cool drink in the late afternoon. A perfect getaway in your own garden.

Whilst there are a range of options for customising, perhaps the one we would definitely recommend is adding the bitumen felt roofing shingles. This cabin doesn’t come with any other roof covering as standard, just the wood. The shingles are not a huge expense (£200) but will certainly have a significant impact on the longevity of the building and help maintain the integrity of the walls which are protected by it’s 30cm overhang. You may be able to source and fit shingles yourself from a local builders merchants for less, or you could simply buy some sheet felt and cover the roof that way. We wouldn’t, however, recommend leaving it as it is for the duration.

Overall, the Norland Guisborough is a good combination of a log cabin and veranda / decking area in one. It’s multi functional and very pleasing to look at. It will significantly enhance a garden. However, you should factor into the cost the extra £200 for the roof shingles and consider whether you want to upgrade to double glazing. The standard model is currently only £2,229 with free UK delivery (some exclusions). There are flexible payment options available.

If you want to find out more about the Norland Guisborough Log Cabin or want to see more log cabins, then please visit Simply Log Cabins


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