Billyoh Clubman Log Cabin Review

Billyoh Clubman log cabin

In our latest log cabin review, we’ll be looking one of Billyoh’s best selling garden buildings, the Billyoh Clubman log cabin which is available from both Garden Buildings Direct and RedShed with a starting price of less than £950.

The Clubman log cabin, like all the Billyoh range, is available in multiple sizes and has some optional extras which customers can purchase to improve the spec or have additional features.

Billyoh Clubman Construction

The Clubman is a really sturdy garden building for its price. Built from tough and sturdy 28mm, interlocking, tongue and groove timber boards, it’s perfectly designed to be impervious to the strongest wind and rain that the British weather can throw at it, ensuring that the interior will always remain draught free and dry. The interlocking T & G also provides the Clubman with extra structural integrity, ensuring that it stays robust and highly durable.

One feature I particularly like is the smooth finish to the timber boards. By being smooth, they help prevent the build up of dirt, lichen, moss and other water-retaining materials that stick to and cause so much trouble to rough timbered buildings over the medium term. As a result, these timbers help increase the longevity of the timber and mean costly repairs to rotting timber will not be needed. However, do remember that all timber buildings will need treating annually to maintain full protection from the elements.

As the Billyoh Clubman log cabin is lower than 2.5 metres tall, you’ll be pleased to know that it is built to comply with current building regulations and it makes it less likely that you will require planning permission to install – planning permission partly depends on your proposed use of the building.


Although the Clubman is Billyoh’s entry model, you get a lot of features for its relatively inexpensive cost. One of the main reasons people opt for a log cabin over a shed is to have a garden room that is light, and the Clubman does not let you down here. With large windows at the front and side, together with half-glazed double doors, you’ll find that indoors will be a naturally well-lit space, especially of you position it correctly in your garden.

To enable you to make sure that cabin is correctly positioned, the Billyoh Clubman gives the flexibility to be built with a variety of configurations, letting you put the windows and doors in the best places to maximise the light and make your cabin look at its most attractive in your garden. This is one of the features of Billyoh log cabins that makes them appealing to many buyers – other cabins don’t usually have this flexibility built in.

The light also makes the space inside feel bigger and brighter, so although it’s not the biggest log cabin available in the Billyoh range, (the largest Clubman is only 3m x 3m) it sill feels remarkably spacious inside when compared to being in a shed of similar size., And there is a lot you can do with 9sq m space.

The double doors also mean you can really let the outdoors in if required on warm days, which is ideal for working or for hosting your a summer lunch. If you are using the log cabin for more robust purposes, perhaps as a place for a hobby like painting, the double doors enable you to bring in large canvasses without hassle. Unfortunately, being an entry level model, the heavier thickness floors needed to use the cabin for heavy duty purposes – such as a weights room or motorcycle repairs is not available as an option.

Externally, the pitched roof and crossed beam corners give it a traditional log cabin look that will give any garden look more distinctive and have an ‘upmarket’ feel, and this is enhanced by the black, wrought iron metal work.

One really good feature is that, although the overall height is only 2.5 metres, the pitch of the roof is shallow, making the walls higher and so giving extra headroom throughout. Ideal for making the room more spacious and more comfortable for taller people.

A range of options is also available for the colour of the timber which can be tinted or painted in various attractive colours or given a high gloss varnish if you wish. This is a popular option for many people with cornflower blue and green being the most sought after colours.

As an entry level cabin, there are some downsides. The main one is that the cabin is designed primarily for seasonal use – in other words, it’s more of a summerhouse. This is because some of the features you’d expect for all year round use aren’t available as additional options, these include, double glazing and thicker timber for the roof and walls. However, that said, most log cabins require heating during the colder months, just as you would inside your home, so you could still use the cabin in winter, it just might take a little more energy to keep warm than a cabin designed for all year round use.

Possible Uses


You’ll be able to use the Billyoh Clubman log cabin for a whole variety of different purposes: summer room, kids’ playroom, outdoor office, hobby room, etc. is exceptionally versatile. The choice is yours.


Overall the Billyoh Clubman Log Cabin is a very light, well built, and attractive garden building that adds a reasonably good sized room to your garden for very little money – just over £1000 for the largest model. There are not many log cabins with this quality of build for that price. The downside, of course, is that because it lacks double glazing and because you cannot opt for thicker roof and walls, it will require more heating if you intend to use it during the winter.

For more detailed information, or to buy, visit either: Garden Buildings Direct or RedShed

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