Log Cabin Review: Waltons Deco Log Cabin

Waltons Deco Log Cabin

Our latest log cabin review looks at the very stylish Waltons’ Deco Log Cabin. We really like the design of the cabin, in particular the split level roof which gives it a modern, stylish look, especially with the roof window feature. The frontage is very symmetrical and contains four large windows which makes the Deco an ideal centerpiece for your garden. We also like the overlapping wall logs at the corners which give a traditional slant to the modern design.

As we expect from a quality company like Waltons Log Cabins, the double tongue and groove walls, at 44mm, are extremely sturdy, weather proof and built to last. Tongue and groove timber is also used in the construction of the floor and roof which makes for a robust build. The floor is 19mm thick which is a good thickness for floorboards and should allow you to use the log cabin for virtually any purpose. The roof is the same thickness which will make it a good insulator. The overlapping wall corners feature corner joints and chalet connections which give the whole structure superior rigidity.

Log Cabin ReviewThe Waltons Deco has large, glazed double doors  which will let you to open them wide on a sunny day and will also allow you to move large objects such as sofas or tables in and out easily. The standard model comes with single glazed windows but there is an upgrade available for double glazed, which we would recommend if you were intending to use the log cabin as a room during the coldest parts of the year.

The doors and windows combined ensure that the cabin is very light and has a spacious feel. However, as there are no side windows, make sure that the cabin is situated facing towards the light.

Inside, the Waltons Deco feels spacious and airy. At 4m x 4m there is plenty of space so you can use this cabin for a whole variety of purposes and even some multi-zoning. The fact that it is a square build means that there is no feeling of being too narrow anywhere and the split roof takes away any feeling of boxiness. Indeed the extra height of the split roof, rising to 3.15m (over 10 feet), and the light the roof window brings in, adds to the airiness. The other nice feature about the roof is that each half slants at a different angle giving a unique look to the room.

As with all Waltons log cabins there are a range of options. Luckily there is a roof covering included in the price, which you don’t get with every manufacturer or retailer. However, there are options for a variety of superior ones. For aesthetic purposes, the more expensive roof shingles look more like traditional roof tiles and do look better.

Waltons also offer the option to buy eco-quilt insulation – this is not something offered by everyone and if you are considering using the cabin all year round or for sleeping in, then it is worth considering.

Waltons offer a 10 year anti-rot guarantee and also offer free delivery to most places in the UK. They also offer an installation service if you don’t fancy putting it together yourself.

Overall the Waltons Deco Log Cabin is a well constructed and sturdy building with some excellent design features making it a good looking garden structure.

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