Log Cabin Review: Billyoh Devon

Log Cabon Review Billyoh

Our latest log cabin review takes a look at the stylish Billyoh Devon Log Cabin from Garden Buildings Direct. As can be seen from the picture, the Billyoh Devon is an attractive and well-proportioned garden building that can fulfil a wide range of uses. The cabin comes in a range of sizes to suit every garden, from 3.5m wide and 2.5 m deep up to the one pictured above which is 5.0 m wide and 3.5m deep. You can purchase the smaller model for just over £1200 and the larger model for less than £2100 – both of which we consider very good value for money when compared to the prices of other manufacturers.

There are 8 sizes to choose from altogether and these include options to have or not have the side window. Remarkably, at the time of going to press, some of the models with the side window were less expensive than those without. The standard build for Billyoh Devon log cabins includes solid 35mm timber walls, 11mm tongue and grooved roof and either Georgian or plain single glazed windows.

As with all Billyoh models, there are a fantastic number of options and add-ons to choose. There are two that we recommend. One is floor – you can buy a model with just the floor supports and no flooring, but this seems pointless unless you are wanting to put in a floor of your own which might not match the rest of the timber. It’s available in two thicknesses, 11mm and 19mm. We would recommend the 19mm, as it’s not much more expensive than the 11mm and will allow you to do more heavy duty things in the cabin, such as use it for a gym.

The other option that we recommend is for a roof covering. High-quality roof shingles look best and will last longer, but there is the option of a mineral felt covering for much less. We don’t recommend you buy without at least some covering unless you intend to cover it yourself – the integrity of your roof is vital to the longevity of your entire building.

There are other optional extras which depend on when and how you are going to use the Billyoh Devon. If you aren’t really going to use it in the colder parts of the year or for sleeping in, then there is no real need to upgrade to the thicker 44mm walls or have double glazing installed in the doors and windows. However, if you are intending to use it all year round, it would make a sound investment to add these features to your shopping list. A final optional extra is the 19mm roof thickness, which may add a little warmth and insulation in the colder months. However, if you don’t intend climbing on the roof, it’s the least important of the structural options available.

The Billyoh Devon is also customisable in a range of ways. You can have standard or Georgian windows with no difference in price and there are a variety of colours to choose from when it comes to roof shingles. There is also a fairly wide choice of stains and trim colours. If none of the wood stains take your fancy, it wouldn’t be much of an effort to nip down to your local DIY or garden store where you would likely find a wider range of colours available –  however the price from Garden Centres Direct is very reasonable and includes the cost of someone doing it for you.

At this stage, you are probably wondering what all these optional extras are adding up to. We took the largest model and added all the most expensive optional extras. Altogether the price was £3134 – an increase of about £1000 on the basic model, however, this would leave you with an absolutely top spec piece of architecture in your garden and still much less than models of a similar size from other makers.

devon-log-cabin-w5000xd3500-11lInternally, the cabin seems very spacious indeed and the larger models, in particular, will give you the opportunity for a range of  uses or for multi-zoning for different purposes. The space feels bright and with a maximum height at 2.49m (8ft 2 inches) there is no feeling of being boxed in.

Overall, we think that the Billyoh Devon Log Cabin is an excellent buy if you are looking for a reasonably priced, well built, stylish garden building – but do ensure you select the  flooring and roof covering options.

The Billyoh Devon is available with free deliveryFor more information about the Billyoh Devon (including  a video), to purchase or to view the rest of the Billyoh range visit Garden Buildings Direct.



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