Walton’s Mini Studio With Veranda Log Cabin Review

Waltons mini studio log cabin with verandaThis log cabin review will look at the Walton’s Mini Studio Log Cabin with Veranda. This is an ideal log cabin for those who have a smaller gardens and want a proper log cabin that won’t take up acres of space.

Measuring 2.5m by 2.7m externally, this won’t devour your garden but will provide you with over 4 sq metres (45 sq ft) of internal space plus an extra 2 sq m of outside veranda space. Whilst this won’t provide you with an extra family dining room, it’s the ideal size for a small office, studio, garden retreat or a limited sized gym space. It would also make a good little outside room for the kids to play in.

External Design

Despite being small, this log cabin doesn’t scrimp on any of the features you’d expect in an attractive log cabin. The Mini Studio has a traditional design, featuring; a pitched roof with overhang; cladded wooden walls with interlocking corners; a decked veranda with attractive fencing; a large window and door; and the Swiss chalet style design in way that the upper wall beams reach out to meet the veranda roof. These features would make it a traditional centrepiece of any smaller garden.

Internal Design

Inside, the feeling is certainly cosy. Whilst this isn’t the most spacious of cabins, it is certainly a place one can feel comfortable and relaxed. The window and door (make sure you do position it to get as much natural light as possible) allow in lots of light which gives the feeling that you are in a much bigger room. There’s space in here for a good size desk and office storage or a small sofa and a table. You could also get an exercise bike and a rowing machine in here too.

The height is fine at the apex 7 ft 3 in but it is only 6 ft (1.83 cm) at the eaves, so if you are over 6 feet tall, it might feel a little low nearer the walls. It’s definitely not a space for lifting weights over your head. However, if you are going to spend most of your time sitting, then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


As this log cabin is on the smaller size, it doesn’t need the thickness of timber that larger log cabins do to ensure stability, and whilst the 1.9 mm walls are easily strong enough to keep the structure sturdy, they might not provide the same levels of protection from the cold as a cabin made from 33mm or 44 mm timber. That said, as a smaller cabin, a small electric heater should provide sufficient warmth (and you’d need one of these in a larger log cabin any way.) The tongue and groove construction will ensure that it is wind and waterproof and assist in keeping the building robust. All timber used is high quality pine.

Floor Bearers

The floor and roofing timber are also made from 1.9mm tongue and groove pine, which is standard thickness for nearly all log cabins, even much larger ones. The floor itself is underpinned by floor bearers which add extra support and protect the log cabin from damp and rot.

 log cabin is made from high quality tongue and groove timber. Tongue and groove timber interlocks to create a weatherproof and solid building. Tongue and groove is used in garden buildings because it is extremely hardwearing; tongue and groove also has an attractive finish. The roof and floor of this building are made from 19mm tongue and groove timber. Tongue and groove adds stability to this building making it very strong so you can use it for almost anything.

The windows on the Walton’s Studio Mini are glazed with Styrene, a plastic alternative to glass. It’s used on many school buildings as it is safer and stronger than glass. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t come with the option to upgrade to double glazed glass which, though more expensive, would have made it warmer in winter.

Delivery and Building

Waltons deliver free to most UK post codes. The cabin will be delivered flat packed and will need two people to put it together, though you won’t need any specialist DIY skills and full instructions are provided. The cabin will need to be constructed on a firm, level base and will need timber treatment after construction (and annually there after).


At the time of publishing, the Walton’s Mini Studio with Veranda is retailing at £869.96, which for a log cabin is very inexpensive. Whist it’s not got the highest specification in all it’s features ( we would like to see double glazing and thicker walls, even if it cost a couple of hundred pounds more) it still is a solidly built, well made and attractive log cabin that has lots of potential uses. If you are wanting a larger building or one with 33mm walls, then you would be looking at nearly twice the price of this one.

As it’s a smaller log cabin, we would advise you to mark out the internal dimensions somewhere in your garden and make sure it is large enough for your needs before purchasing.

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