Shire Maulden Log Cabin Review

Shire Maulden Log Cabin ReviewFor our latest log cabin review we set ourselves a task: could we find a seriously good log cabin for under a thousand pounds? It took us some time, but finally we managed to track one down which fitted exactly what we were looking for: the Shire Maulden Log Cabin from

This attractive 9ft x 9 ft model is for sale at £999 with free delivery, and believe it or not, there are two smaller models starting at the unbelievably low price of £715!

So, how does an economy priced log cabin punch above its weight in terms of construction and features?


The Shire Maulden is a very attractive log cabin, featuring an apex roof, a decked and side fenced veranda, and traditional cross cornered log cabin walls. It has a sizable window and glass door to allow lots of light in and open up the space. It’s an ideal size for a small office, a crafting space, or a garden retreat where you can hide yourself inside or sit on the veranda watching the day go by. It will certainly add to the beauty of your garden space and as it’s not the biggest of log cabins, should fit most smaller gardens well without taking up too much space.

Inside, the room feels bigger than it actually is, though with over 80 square feet of floor space and an internal height at over 7 feet it does have plenty of space. You could easily fit a small sofa , coffee table and desk inside. The one thing you should make sure is that, because it has no side windows, you position it to get as much light coming in through the front as possible. Saying that, it wouldn’t require the greatest of DIY skills to put a window in the side if you wanted to.


Whilst it doesn’t use the thickest of timber, the walls are are a solid 19mm and constructed from sustainable, interlocking, tongue and groove, high quality timber. Going up in thickness would certainly increase the cost of the cabin considerably, however, provided you have a heater in there during the colder spells, you should be warm enough with the walls at this thickness.

The roof and flooring are 12mm thick, smooth planed timber, which is within average for this type of log cabin – and what is good is that the cabin actually comes with a floor – many don’t, so that is another bonus. The 12mm, pressure treated flooring is more than adequate for the vast majority of uses, however, if you were going to use the cabin for some heavy duty weight lifting, then you should consider having it reinforced.

The attractive Georgian type windows and doors are all handcrafted with 19mm thick timber, same as the walls. For security, there is a mortice lock on the door. The glazing is 3mm horticultural glass and single glazed – which is expected for a log cabin in this price range – double glazing would certainly increase the price significantly. The window opens so that in warmer days you can let in fresh air.

The Shire Maulden comes with mineral roofing felt to protect roof from damaging effects of the weather and increase it’s longevity. To ensure that the rest of the cabin stays free from damage and rot, you should always give it an annual treatment with a good quality wood preservative.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery is within 7 to 14 days and is free to most UK post codes – there maybe a charge if you live in places like the Scottish Isles. Installation usually takes about a day’s work for a couple of people, though there is an installation service available from if you don’t want to do it yourself. You don’t need any particular expertise to install it, It’s just flat packed furniture on a larger scale. What you will need to do is ensure that it is built on secure, level ground.


Overall, if you are looking for a good quality log cabin at bargain prices, the Shire Maudlin ticks every box. Whilst you are not going to get every high spec feature of the much more expensive log cabins, you do get solid construction, an attractive centrepiece to your garden, reasonable internal space with good lighting and a veranda to boot.

To find out more or buy the Shire Maulden or see the rest of their range, visit



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