Log Cabin Review: Waltons Greenacre Home Office Executive

Waltons Greenacre Home Office Executive Log Cabin

This review will take a look at Waltons Log Cabins, in particular the Waltons Greenacre Home Office Executivean attractive and traditional looking log cabin with a spacious interior, high quality build and some excellent features.

Corner Joints Chalet ConnectionsExternal Look

From the outside, the cabin certainly looks the business with its pitched roof, large Georgian style windows, double doors and well designed decked porch feature that gives it a real element of homeliness. It’s a grand structure too, tall, wide and deep. The model we’re looking at is 5m x 4m, (other sizes available) it certainly will be a handsome feature in your garden. Like all traditional Waltons log cabins, it has corner joints which stand proud of the corner, which not only look good but add a rigidity to the structure.


Waltons log cabin reviewsInternal
Internally, it is a very good space indeed. With it’s generous floor space and a height of almost 8 ft, it feels airy and spacious. The large windows and glazed doors give lots of light making it a bright space, ideal for working in. The cabin is suitable for a wide variety of uses, and despite it being called Home Office Executive, it could easily be used as a home gym, a man cave, a summer room or even a kids’ play room.


One of the most important things to take into consideration with any log cabin is the quality of the build. Here, Waltons Log Cabins do a very good job indeed. The main fabric of the cabin is 35mm tongue and groove Baltic sourced pine. 35mm is a very good thickness to keep the building sturdy and resistant to the cold and the tongue and groove makes the structure solid, robust and pretty much weatherproof (so long as you keep your wood in condition with regular treatment over the years.)

Roof Joists The floor is made from 19mm tongue and grooved timber, which is generally the industry standard for log cabins within this price range and is supported by a series of wooden floor bearers. The roof joist is 44mm in thickness to provide extra support for the building and also help protect the building against damp and rot.

One useful feature of the Greenacre executive’s structure is that the porch entrance can be put on either the left or right side of the cabin. This flexibility will allow you to match the building to your garden and your own house.

The cabin also comes with door handles and fitted mortice look as standard.

As you’d expect, the Waltons Green Acre Executive comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee. However, it may last much longer if it is regularly treated and depending upon where it is situated in your garden.

Optional Extras Worth Considering

As with many log cabins for sale in the UK, there are optional upgrades available from Waltons. There are three which we would recommend, the first is to upgrade from the standard single paned windows to the 34mm doubled glazed option. This casts an extra £230. There’s a more expensive 44mm double glazed option costing £1,139, which we think is a too expensive for the limited improvement over the cheaper double glazing.

The second option is to upgrade either to the superior felt shingle roof, costing £180. You can upgrade to superior felting for £140, but the shingles look a lot better for the £40 extra, giving a grander, tiled appearance. The superior quality of either the upgraded shingles or felt will add longevity to the structure and is worth it in the long run. Finally, if you want to use the log cabin all year round and save on heating cots, then the insulation kit is worth investing in.

Delivery and Building

Delivery is free to most of the UK, though buyers in the more inaccessible places like the Scottish Isles, etc., may find there is a surcharge.

The cabin, like most others, will need to be built on site (on a level ground with a firm base) but it does come with detailed instructions and Waltons are always on hand if you have difficulties. It doesn’t require any specialist skills to build other than being reasonable good with general DIY (think screwdriver, saw and hammer), but it’s probably a two person task, given the size of the building and some of its components.


The cost of the Waltons Greenacre Home Office Executive  is  £2399.95 plus any optional extras. For a cabin of this quality and this size, this is a competitive price and we think makes it good value for money, given the space and possibilities for use it offers.


For more details, to buy or to see the large range of other Waltons log cabins, click here.

Width: 16’ 4” (5.00m)
Depth: 13’ 1” (4.00m)
Eaves Height: 7′ 1″ (2.16m)
Roof Height : 7′ 10″ (2.40m)
Door Width: 5’ 3” (1.61m)
Door Height: 6’ 4” (1.95m)







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